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Scavenger Hunt

Engage Customers Through Interactive Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts that connect people, drive action and make it fun.

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Utilise Emerging Technology

Create memorable and interactive experiences by using Augmented Reality and QR Codes.

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Scavenger Hunt dashboard image.

Choose Collectables, Create Missions and Reward Customers

Missions allow users to explore, interact with others, and more. Collectables and Rewards increase motivation, participation, and make it fun.

Engage and Drive Foot Traffic Anywhere

Drop Rewards anywhere in the world for your customers to collect and redeem.

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Increase Awareness

Boost visibility of your business by promoting products and your business locations.

Increase Engagement

Step into an AR Portal, Play AR Mini-Games, and explore geo-specific AR experiences designed to increase engagement.

Increase Conversions

Connect with customers and elevate interest by driving traffic to your website or app and capturing key customer information.

Increase Revenue

Encourage specific actions like purchases that impact your bottom line.

How it Works


Your Branding

Minimal Coding Required

Connect Your Favourite Apps

Simple Redemption Process

Support Superheros

99.99% Uptime

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FREE up to 500 Customer Profiles! You can also choose to unlock everything PRO has to offer for just $99.00/month.
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