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Harness Emerging Technology and Reward your Customers

Boost customer engagement and sales using augmented reality, geo-mapping, and QR codes. With XRii, design campaigns using digital coupons, discounts, and challenges within your app or website.
Create Engaging Customer Campaigns

Launch national in-app campaigns using augmented reality, geo-mapping, and other technologies to create engaging customer experiences.

Boost Customer Loyalty

Deliver offers to customers to boost customer loyalty and repeat visits in your app.

Drive Foot Traffic

Drop rewards anywhere on a map for your customers to collect and redeem in-store or online.

Transform Customer Experiences

Make an impact with location-based AR marketing and QR code performance-driven campaigns.

Case study


The Concept

Billson's, a specialty beverage brand and one of Australia's oldest breweries, engaged XRii to create an unforgettable experience for the launch of their limited edition cordial that would drive interest and foot traffic.

XRii's Solution

Using XRii's technology, Billson's launched An augmented reality beverage scavenger hunt across the town of Beechworth. Once all were collected, customers were rewarded with a free bottle of their limited edition cordial flavour that they could redeem at the brewery.

The Results

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