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Refer XRii's Solutions

Increase revenue and help your business contacts make a bigger impact! We rely on Referral Partners to help us expand the XRii footprint and reach more brands.

We’re actively looking for Referral Partners who value innovation and have a history of excellence. Once approved, you can leverage XRii’s tools and resources to build your B2B database.

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Program Requirements

Referral Partners must have:

  • Client case studies and a successful track record of solving business needs.

  • A strong position in designated markets or geographical segments.

  • A focused commitment to sell XRii.

XRii Drives Joint Value

Sales Benefits
  • Sell XRii to end businesses as an authorised Referral Partner.

  • Leverage GetRewardful to manage your sales and business planning services.

  • Earn more with lucrative revenue sharing agreements.

Marketing Benefits
  • Participate as a partner at XRii events.

  • Published co-branded content and campaigns.

  • Designated XRii Referral Partner Badge.

Service Benefits
  • Learn technical and sales skills.

  • Access data-driven sales and marketing resources.

  • On-board with GetRewardful.

Partner Rewards

Reward options to suit you!

Dynamic CPA (up to $150)

Source the leads and get rewarded after XRii approves the sale.

$25 CPA + 10%-20% On-Going Commission

Earn on-going value depending on your partnership level and input.

The XRii Badge

We supply accreditation badges to all Referral Partners after they are approved to join the program.

Stand out from competitors and display the authorisation badge on your website. This badge proves that you are proudly linked with XRii and are ready to sell our digital solutions.

Want to Become a Partner?

Contact our team to discuss the details and see if you qualify.

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