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Your App Awaits
Unlock the Power of Interactive Marketing.

Get augmented reality, geo-mapping and QR code technology at your fingertips
with a custom branded app—developed in weeks. Run engaging campaigns in your
app featuring digital coupons, discounts, challenges, cash back and loyalty rewards!
$10,000 one-time fee for complete app development
Easily create new campaigns in your app with your
own designs and images
User-friendly dashboard with rich insights
Phone, email and live chat support
Dedicated business success manager
Custom augmented reality models
$499 monthly for ongoing maintenance and support
Start creating unforgettable customer experiences tailored to your brand.
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Agency Pricing

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Questions? We’ve got answers.

What are Active Customer Profiles?

An Active Customer Profile is a user that has interacted with your app within the last month. Users must perform one of the following actions to be considered an Active Customer:

Collect a Voucher.
Enter their Personal Information into a Form.
Complete a Mission.
What happens if we exceed the plan's Customer Profile allocation?

Not to worry! We will automatically adjust your monthly costs accordingly based on how many Active Customer Profiles you have at the end of the month.

What is the difference between Monthly and Annual Plans?

Monthly and Annual pricing only applies to the Pro Subscription. However, you will still be charged based on your Active Customer Profiles at the end of each month.

How many Customer Profiles does my organisation need?

It all depends on how many users you will have interacting with the app. But don't worry, the pricing is tiered, so the more customers you have, the cheaper each new customer become! Once you hit 5,000 customer profiles, we will reach out and organise a special offer for you!

How can I view my Customer Profile Usage?

If you want to track your Customer Profile Usage you can head over to Billing in your dashboard and you will see your Current Customer Profiles as well as your Estimated Customer Profiles Fee (Coming Soon).

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