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Purpose of Language Guidelines

Our Language Guidelines are a set of standards that defines XRii’s language used. This is to ensure there is no inconsistency or miscommunication amongst our content team.

By utilising our Language Guidelines, we ensure that our published content is consistent, recognisable, and more enjoyable.

We put readers first and create an engaging voice that readers can form a more personal connection with.

Tone and Words


Corporate documents such as internal procedures, presentations, or press releases are to be written in a clear and professional tone.

The following tone is to be used on the XRii social media channels:



Building Trust

Creating Relationships



Educate without being confusing


Use a sense of humor that is straightforward, sometimes subtle, and not weird

Informal, but clear

Be funny when appropriate. If you’re unsure, don’t be funny

Words to stay away from

Young, old, elderly, or any other word describing a person’s age

Crazy, mad, insane, or similar words to describe people

Butch, man-up, manpower, or using the term ‘girls’ when referring to women can be offensive

Replace the word ‘normal’ with ‘typical’ as it is more inclusive

Never use a long word where a short one will do

If it is possible to cut out a word, cut it out

Grammar Basics

All content must be professionally edited, copyedited and proofread in accordance with the Language Guidelines by John Wiley and Sons Australia.


Australian English spelling is to be used in all content, as per thelatest edition of the Macquarie Dictionary. E.g., use ‘s’ instead of ‘z’.E.g., ‘Organise’.

‘And’ vs ‘&’

At all times, use 'and'.


Use them infrequently and deliberately and ONLY on social media.


Spell out the day of the week and the month.


Spell out a number when it begins a sentence. Otherwise, use the numeral.


Use the % symbol instead of spelling out “per cent”.


Title case capitalise the first letter of every word and headlines, except articles, prepositions, and conjunctions. Note: XRii will capitalise both the ‘X’ and the ‘R’. The following words will always be capitalised:

  • ‘XRii’

  • ‘P.S.’

Bullet points and numbered lists

For lists of fragments use minimal punctuation, start withlowercase and don't add full stops.

For a list of full sentences, use a capital letter at the start of eachpoint and end each item with a full stop.

Only use a numbered list for ordered steps or to show priority.


Use a hyphen (-) to link words into single phrase:

  • Monday-Friday


Use them with a space either side (...) and use sparingly for emphasis or drama. Don’t use them in titles or headers.

Writing about XRii

Refer to XRii as “we,” not “it.” Capitalise the proper names of XRii solutions & features.

Social Media and EDMs

Social Media

What we post on each account
  • Twitter: Industry news, brand marketing, events, and media mentions

  • Facebook: Product and industry news, brand marketing, events, and media mentions

  • LinkedIn: Product and industry news, media mentions, and content from industry partners

  • Instagram: Cool office visitors, XRii culture, user-generated content, and cool stuff we do

Keep it short, but smart
  • Twitter: 280 characters

  • Facebook: 1-3 short sentences

  • Instagram: Keep it as a short phrase. Feel free to throw in an emoji

Social Tags
  • Twitter: XRii_io

  • Facebook:

  • LinkedIn: @xrii

  • Instagram:

Social Tags
  • #xrii_io

  • #xrii

  • #beyondtheordinary

  • #xriimedia


EDMs generally follow the style points outlined in the Tone and Grammar sections. Here is some additional considerations:

Body copy

Write with a clear purpose and connect each paragraph to your main idea. Write the key message in the subject line and links/buttons should be described in two words, “about us”. Length is key, keep sentences short and scannable. Add images and GIFs, it is encouraged at least 50% of the email should be made up of photography.

Call to Action

Make it clear. Whether you’re asking people to download, read, share, or respond to something, offer a clear direction so readers know what to do next.

Use Hierarchy

People are likely to scan your EDMs or open them on mobile. Put the most important information first.

Terminology and Messaging

To ensure we communicate effectively and consistently with ouraudience, use these key terms and messages as a guide and foundationacross all print, social, email, digital and other marketing activations.

XRii Application
  • Events and Promotions

  • Sporting Organisations

  • Brand and Retailers

  • Friends

  • Communication

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • LinkedIn

  • Website

  • Collecting

  • Collect

  • Reward Conditions

  • Businesses

  • Dropping Reward

  • Drop Reward

  • Drop

  • Pick Location

  • Online

  • In-Store

Internal Use
  • Businesses

  • Business Partners

  • Customers

  • Referral Partners

  • Phone

  • Email

  • White Labelled

  • Settings

  • Dashboard

  • Offer

  • Team Building

  • Rewards

  • Redeem

  • Wallet

  • Reward Available

  • Discover

  • Wallet

  • In-App

  • Create your Campaign

  • Create Campaign

  • My Campaigns

  • Ended

  • Scheduled

  • Discounts

  • Deals

Document Use
  • Businesses

  • Business Partners

  • Customers

  • Referral Partners

  • Hunt

  • Campaigns

  • Tickets

  • Merchandise

  • Food and Beverage

  • Clothing and Retail

  • Gamified Hunt

  • Statistics

  • Trivia

  • Badges

  • Hunt

  • Invite

  • Categories

  • Duplicate

  • De-Activate

  • Multi-Buy

  • Item Discount

  • Free Items

  • Store Discount

  • Challenges

  • Polls

  • Leader Boards

  • Collecting

  • Collect

  • Dropping Rewards

  • Drop

  • Analytics

  • Customer Data

  • Location

  • Map

  • Geo-Fence

  • User Behaviour

  • User Spending

  • Sharing

  • Favourites

  • Business

  • Free Shipping

  • Save as Template

  • Campaigns

  • Active

  • Pending

  • Draft

  • In-Active

Approved Messaging

The illustrations combine gradient shapes and gradient outlines — a mix of being both fun, but still professional.

How It Works

XRii empowers you to design brilliant and engaging campaigns for your brand, sporting organisation or event that seamlessly integrate within your app.

Launch digital coupons, discounts, challenges, cashback, and loyalty campaigns powered by XRii's augmented reality, geo-mapping and QR code software. All with minimal development and actionable, real-time customer data insights.

XRii Description

Modernise your marketing using augmented reality, geo-mapping and QR codes to launch coupon, cashback and loyalty campaigns within your app.


Beyond the Ordinary.

XRii to Business Partners

To ensure we communicate effectively and consistently with ouraudience, use these key terms and messages as a guide and foundationacross all print, social, email, digital and other marketing activations.

  • Attract and engage your customers.

  • XRii is the easiest and most effective way to attract new customers and engage existing ones.

  • Stand out from your business competitors and reach new customers.

  • The revolutionary marketing and engagement solution, connecting businesses with customers.

  • Drive measurable ROI and create an experience your customers will love.

  • A white-labelled solution that seamlessly combines augmented reality, gamification and built-in rewards for the ultimate experience.

  • Boost revenue, access new target markets and keep them coming back for more.

  • Be discovered by customers, anywhere.

  • Customers are on the move, and your business should be too.

  • Step up your marketing game with the power of Augmented Reality.

  • Be discovered by customers by offering rewards.

  • Amplify fan engagement and increase memberships.

  • Engage the modern-day sporting fan.

  • Engage the modern-day customer.

  • Fan rewards that build loyalty and increase engagement.

  • Increase customer loyalty with built-in rewards.

  • Uncover valuable customer insights.

Business Partners to Customers

  • Real rewards are out there waiting for you. Make them yours today!

  • Happiness is just a swipe rewards, everywhere you go.

  • Hit the streets and hunt rewards using AR or kick back and collect them instantly.

  • Discover, shop and save all in one.

  • Head in-store or online and redeem your voucher for a great deal!