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April 3, 2023

XRii launches the future of interactive marketing!

XRii is changing the way brands engage their customers and fans.


XRii Launches the Future of Interactive Marketing! Modernise your marketing using augmented reality, geo-mapping and gamification to launch coupon, cashback and loyalty campaigns within your app.

Brands looking to use emerging technology to better engage and reward their their customers whilst increasing revenue are now being offered the chance to use this innovative technology as if they developed it in-house. Australia-based XRii provides brands with cutting-edge interactive solutions that allow you to launch digital coupons, discounts, challenges, cashback, and loyalty campaigns powered by XRii's augmented reality, geo-mapping and gamification technology.

“Brands that use XRii's platform can expect an average 75% increase in engagement and over 20% increase in digital marketing ROI," stated Matthew Endresz, founder and CEO of XRii. "The ground-breaking solutions that we're offering to our partners are uniquely designed to engage and reward customers whilst increasing ROI, namely as brands try their best to respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19," Mr. Endresz observed.

Interacting with customers in real-time on their devices, targeting locations and high foot traffic areas using rewards or creating an augmented reality scavenger hunt are some examples of what XRii offers to its partners.

The platform, which is inspired by Pokémon Go, integrates with the brands' existing apps and websites. These engaging, white-labelled experiences reinforce brand notoriety while tying it to innovation and creating new avenues for sales and monetisation types.

XRii offers a blend of rewards, augmented reality, geo-mapping and gamification designed to take your brand Beyond the Ordinary and provide a heightened customer experience.

"XRii is determined to make this digital marketing technology available to brands looking to grow and state their relevance on the market. By creating a scalable pricing structure and combining it with seamless integration and onboarding," XRii's founder further commented.

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