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May 11, 2023

Welcome to XRii: Who we are and what we do


The future of interactive marketing is here. At XRii (pronounced ex-ar-ee), we help break down the barriers to achieving meaningful customer engagement through cutting-edge technology. Our platform is simple. It allows your brand to launch digital coupons, discounts, challenges, and cashback rewards using innovative augmented reality, geo-mapping and gamification as if they were developed in-house.

Who are we?

Imagine if you could engage your audience with blended digital and real-world experiences that could be created in a few hours. Now you can with XRii.

Our Founder and CEO, Matthew Endresz, had a vision to transform the way brands, sporting organisations and events connect with their audiences. This vision led to the birth of XRii in 2020, a platform that makes cutting-edge augmented reality, geo-mapping and gamification technology available to any business.

So, what about the name? XRii stands for Extended Reality (XR) Interactive Interface (ii). We chose this name because it demonstrates our commitment to bringing people together and creating amazing experiences that are beyond the ordinary.

XRii was developed by an eager product and business development team to deliver data-driven value for business partners and their customers through simple, impactful solutions.

Shortly after the launch, our technology was used by a range of companies to increase engagement and sales—from sporting organisations to shopping centers, major automotive companies and one of Australia’s oldest breweries.

What do we do?

Our platform empowers you to launch immersive coupon, cashback and loyalty campaigns within your app or website. Think Pokémon Go, but for marketing. XRii puts the right tools at your fingertips, through an intuitive dashboard, so that you can build stronger connections and brand recognition in the market.

“XRii is determined to make this digital marketing technology available to brands looking to grow and state their relevance on the market. By creating scalable pricing structure and combining it with seamless integration and onboarding,” said founder Matthew Endresz.

What can you use XRii for?

Interacting with customers in real-time on their devices, targeting locations and high foot traffic areas using rewards or creating an engaging scavenger hunt are just a few examples of what you can use XRii for.

Once you’re set up in the platform, your business can:

XRii, which is inspired by Pokémon Go, allows you to launch an app on the app store or directly integrate it into your brand’s existing apps and websites. These engaging, white-labelled experiences reinforce brand notoriety while creating new avenues for sales and monetisation.

How does it engage my customers?

It’s more difficult than ever to earn the time of your customers and fans. They want to receive personalised content that is rewarding, gratifying and engaging.

With XRii, you can create immersive campaigns that attract existing and new customers to your business through your website or app. Whatever ways you choose to use it, our platform allows your customers to discover personalised rewards as well as being highly engaged, which will bring them back to your business time and time again.

“Brands that use XRii’s platform can expect an average 75% increase in engagement and over 20% increase in digital marketing ROI,” said Endresz. “The ground-breaking solutions that we’re offering to our partners are uniquely designed to engage and reward customers whilst increasing ROI, namely as brands try their best to respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19,” explained Endresz.

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