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May 1, 2023

Perth Heat use XRii to boost fan engagement

Case Studies

Perth Heat was looking for innovative ways to better engage fans in-venue and was struggling to get useful fan data to effectively retarget and re-engage their audience.

XRii joined forces with the Perth Heat Baseball Club to take their sports marketing game to the next level.


App downloads converted to user sign ups


App users entered into the 50k promotion


Vouchers collected


Vouchers redeemed

About Perth Heat

Founded in 1989, Perth Heat is an Australian Baseball League foundation team. Fast forward to today and they’re one of the most successful sporting clubs in the game. In addition to a rich history, including winning a record 15 Claxton Shields, the club has nurtured elite players who have gone on to Major League Baseball.

The Challenge

Boosting game day audience engagement

Perth Heat was looking for innovative ways to better engage fans in-venue. They were also struggling to get useful fan data to effectively retarget and re-engage their audience. After trying to achieve this through social media marketing, sponsor marketing, and promotions such as raffle tickets, they decided it was time to try something new.

Steve, the CEO of Perth Heat, met the XRii team at a Gold Coast technology conference. After learning about each other’s businesses, he saw huge potential in the experiential promotions that our technology could provide. Soon, XRii was engaged to revolutionise Perth Heat’s fan experiences through a blended digital engagement campaign to gather audience data and incentivise fans at mid-season games.


Building better connections with fans and sponsors

Perth Heat had 5 key goals for their XRii campaign:

  1. Sell more merchandise and memberships
  2. Engage fans on game day
  3. Collect customer data
  4. Build sponsor relationships
  5. Attract media attention and awareness

Our Solution

Using Augmented Reality for a 50k giveaway

Using our AR technology, Perth Heat launched a custom-branded app to promote a 50k cash giveaway, collecting attendee data and engaging users with in-app rewards.

The team at XRii built the brand new Perth Heat app, seamlessly blending digital campaigns with in-venue experiences. This gave fans a reason to engage and provide valuable data to the team. To drive app downloads and interaction, Perth Heat promoted their campaign through social media advertising and announcements on game day.

“The team developed an exceptional mobile app that was user-friendly and straightforward for fans to download and use on game days. I highly recommend XRii to any businesses or sporting organisations looking to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.”

Steven Nelkovski, CEO, Perth Heat Baseball Club

Fans could redeem rewards such as merchandise discounts and cash vouchers that could be collected through the app around the venue. For the big 50k giveaway, our technology allowed Perth Heat to create fun game day experiences using AR and geo-mapping, such as a scavenger hunt where they collected digital items to enter the draw. There was also a range of great Perth Heat products to win along the way.

As well as generating excitement and engagement on the day, the app collected valuable data for Perth Heat that they can use to retarget and better understand their audience.

The Results

A game day win for all

Thanks to XRii technology, Perth Heat saw greater engagement with fans and sponsors on game day. It provided a way for fans to engage directly with the club and their sponsors, creating a new way to bring in more revenue for their organisations.

60% app downloads converted to user sign ups

75% app users entered into the 50k promotion

76% vouchers collected

95% vouchers redeemed

“We had a fantastic experience with XRii! The marketing tool helped us connect with and incentivise our supporters in an entirely new and interactive way.”

Steven Nelkovski, CEO, Perth Heat Baseball Club

The Future

Back for another season

After the success of their first sports marketing campaign with XRii, Perth Heat are looking to do a season-long campaign using our technology. One of these custom solutions will be direct integration into their big screen, where promotion winners and participants will be featured. The goal is to get more traction from fans that are not yet on the app without any additional costs.

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