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April 21, 2023

How to use location-based marketing for better customer experiences


Learn how you can use location-based marketing to provide more relevant messaging and experiences to customers.

What is location-based marketing?

Location-based marketing is where you serve messaging to a person based on their location. This data is usually sourced from an app, a social media platform, or a search engine with location settings switched on. Location-based marketing is not always focused on the current location, it can be based on historical places that someone has visited too.

With location data, brands can geo-target customers and tailor experiences and content. Location-based marketing can range from app push notifications to digital immersive experiences to online ads promoting a local event or deal. 

What are the benefits of location-based marketing?

One of the main benefits of location targeting is that it helps create a better user experience for your audience. It makes the content and promotions you’re serving more specific, relevant, and exclusive to the person receiving it. It is also an effective way to drive foot traffic to your event or store by creating awareness in the surrounding areas.

How you can launch location-based marketing campaigns with XRii?

XRii uses geo-mapping technology that allows brands to build location-based mobile marketing experiences while also collecting valuable data (with the permission of the user).

Our geo-mapping technology works by using GPS to create maps that closely match the actual location.

Brands can use this feature to launch their own location-based scavenger hunts and reward collection.

How can our geo-mapping be used by different industries?

Sporting organisations

From match day to creating ongoing brand engagement, sporting organisations can use geo-mapping in a number of ways. For example, if there’s a match happening, the organisation behind it can target people in the surrounding areas using promotions within their app or website to drive ticket sales. They can also drive value for sponsors on the day by setting up scavenger hunts or location-based rewards that can be collected and redeemed at their sponsors booths.

Check out our sports marketing article for more ways to use location-based marketing to boost revenue and engagement.

Brands and retailers

For brands and retailers, XRii geo-mapping provides a great opportunity to boost customer loyalty and traffic to both your store and app. You can place rewards near your stores using augmented reality or at-home for your audience to collect and redeem online. With built-in analytics, you’ll also be able to see where most of your active audience is located and what types of location-based marketing strategies are most effective.

Events and festivals

In a similar way to sporting events, geo-mapping can be used in the lead up to your event and on the day. Using pre-developed XRii experiences your brand can create fast and customised location-specific challenges and rewards to entice and engage your audience.

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