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August 21, 2023

5 powerful ways your brand can use AR


5 powerful ways your brand can use AR through XRii

In a busy retail market, it can be challenging for your brand to cut through the noise and stand out. People are used to being flooded with messaging and deals, picking and choosing the one that resonates the most with them. By using augmented reality, you can create fun, entertaining and enticing experiences to connect your audience with your product. Below are 5 of our favourite experiential marketing ideas for promoting your products effectively using XRii.

1. Generate product interest with a loyalty application

Whether you're looking for ways to promote a new or existing product, creating an interactive experience might be just what you need. By cutting through the noise with a digital experience that is fun and gives your target market rewards, you can help your product get the attention it deserves. At XRii, we make digital loyalty apps and cutting-edge tech more accessible to brands, which allows them to get up and running in weeks.

One way you can use a digital loyalty application is to place a set of tokens close to your stores that reflect different product colours, styles and flavours. Then, provide rewards to participants who collect a certain number of tokens. Think of a discount on the product you’re promoting or a bonus gift with their purchase. You can also encourage newsletter or member sign-ups through your app by providing further rewards, such as 10% off on their first purchase.

An important part of launching a loyalty application is generating interest. You might like to place QR codes in physical locations and drive traffic to sign-up links online (whether it’s through digital advertising, social media, electronic direct mail, or your website).

2. Augmented reality activation hunt

Are you ready to get creative? Using augmented reality, you can use landmarks around your stores to launch an exciting scavenger hunt that creates more meaningful engagement with your target customers.

A recent example is how Billson’s Brewery used XRii to create a historical scavenger hunt to launch a new cordial flavour. Using our geo-mapping and augmented reality technology, they placed different flavours in real-world locations and rewarded people with a free bottle of their new honeycomb cordial at their brewery. If you want the full picture or to get inspiration for your own campaign, you can read the story here.

3. Collaborative campaigns

If there are brands or events that complement your own brand, teaming up on a campaign is a great way to tap into new audiences and expand your reach. By choosing a company that aligns with your target market, you can strategically get your product in front of the right eyes. And if you can collaborate with someone who has a large database—that’s even better. There are plenty of ways you can collaborate, such as joint promotional activities, events, or product endorsements.

Directly marketing to people can quickly add up and end up being expensive. By leveraging the power of collaborative experiential marketing, you can maximise exposure and reach a wider audience while keeping costs down. For example, you might like to take the augmented reality scavenger hunt idea and add deals and rewards from local businesses to incentivise participation.

4. AR packaging

Want to draw people to your product in-store or in a stockist? Bring your packaging to life by adding a QR code that allows people to unlock deals right there and then. It could be a buy-one-get-one-free deal when you sign up or a discount on a particular product. To maximise the success of your AR packaging, get the word out there through social sharing and advertising.

5. Location-based QR codes

Surprise and delight people with QR codes in strategic locations that unlock tokens and rewards. Some ideas including putting QR codes in areas such as parks, CBD landmarks, campuses, cafes and local businesses where people scan them to view augmented reality, find clues and solve puzzles.

For example, if you’re an active wear brand, you might think about placing QR codes in gyms, sporting venues and parks that are popular fitness destinations. Meet your people where they are with entertaining product promotions that delight them rather than interrupt their day.

Want to learn more about using augmented reality for your brand?

We love helping brands leverage the power of technology to cut through the noise. Get in touch with our team to find out how you can use XRii to create experiential marketing campaigns for your products within weeks.

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